Meet your guide

Ischa Ropert

Hi, my name is Ischa Ropert, Founder and your Guide at the Higher Life Academy.

I created this Academy after 15 years of working as a transformational life coach and witnessing how confused my clients were about the meaning and purpose of their life.

My own life has been full of the same confusion, conflict, and uncertainty, so I knew their dilemma in a deeply personal way and that there were answers, but not where we are used to looking.

So many of us want to live an enriched, fulfilling, and meaningful life that is creative, enhances the lives of others, and contributes positively to the planet.

Yet we are educated to chase a very different life, one based on continually progressing our self, on the accumulation of wealth and having power over others.

We work hard to get, have, and achieve more stuff we don’t really need or want from a misguided belief that this version of success makes for a good life.

On this path, we look outside our self for acceptance, guidance and recognition and follow blindly what others tell us is important, with little or no regard of our uniqueness.

Many of us are still experiencing the disillusionment, isolation, addictions, and ill health that arises from living in such a deprived, disconnected, and unfulfilling way.

This blindness is down to a lack of awareness about what it is to be a human being, what conditions allow us to thrive and our power to co-create reality.

Also, due to power abuse across many religions, we have stopped tending to our soul self and are suffering the devastating effects of spiritual malnourishment.

For years, I yearned for more intimacy, connection and purpose, yet acted in ways that sabotaged my happiness, health, and potential – because I didn’t know any better.

Now I live with purpose, committed to recovery with full responsibility for my beliefs and behaviours and I feel nourished, nurtured, and inspired most days.

And this is what I want for you. 

To feel worthy, loved and empowered to express your gifts and walk your unique life path.

The Higher Life Academy is my contribution to your liberation and greatest success.

And this is what I want for you...

The Higher Life Academy is my contribution to your liberation and greatest success.


Work with me

If you are ready to dive deeper into your personal transformation journey and want to work with a skilled sparring partner and Guide, I offer online soul mentoring services.

Discovery session (90mins) - $330.00

Follow up session (60mins) - $220.00