About the Academy


The Higher Life Academy, an evolving education portal that provides your Soul with the missing education, map and toolkit to live authentically, own your purpose and contribute in a joyful and powerful way.

This is called the Spiritually Driven Life, which invites in an Empowered Way to live your daily life and serves for an inspired, awakened and enlightened humanity.

Our education is not your usual solution focused experience, it is a guided journey that teaches you a new education and skill set as you travel through the adventure.


Ischa Ropert is a highly experienced transformational coach who has helped 2500 + people globally to engage their gifts and create a life of meaning and purpose.

She trained with the leading US Coach Institutes, the Center for Right Relationships (ORSC) & the Coaches Institute (CTI) and has been in private practice since 2010.

An Australian with Dutch heritage, Ischa is described as passionate, empathetic, open-minded, adventurous, fun, and wise.

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