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Higher Life TV

Just curious? Watch latest episodes of Higher Life TV where I take concepts considered spiritual, esoteric or new age and offer them as practical tools that can radically improve your personal happiness, abundance and wellbeing.


Ready to expand? Loving yourself begins with valuing your true nature without conditions. Our foundation course, Awaken the Genius Within is a guided personal journey where you rediscover your authentic self and learn how to nurture your creative potential.

Intuitive Life Guidance

Need clarity? Intuitive life guidance sessions help you get clear on your direction and purpose in life and offer insights on what actions will create more happiness, confidence and ease in any area of your life that is currently challenging or unsatisfying.


Knowing who You Really Are is the most important goal in your life.

Your authentic self is another way of saying your true nature or the most real version of you. This is the person you are when you are not trying to fit in, please others or live up to the crazy expectations of our current society. If you understand who you are beyond your conditioning, you have the best chance of living fully and dare I say it – joyfully – no matter what is going on in your life.

Awaken the Genius Within is a guided educational journey where you rediscover your Authentic Self and learn how to be guided by its’ wisdom.

From here you can make choices and take actions to live out more of your creative potential and fulfil your life purpose. This is the first step to any type of personal transformation as your authenticity is the only source of your creative power.

This foundation course combines the top insights, learnings and models from the most advanced human potential, coaching and spiritual advancement institutes in the world. Added to this is 11-years direct experience coaching clients across the world to claim back their power and create a life that honors their true value.

I believe this is the missing education and tool-kit every human being needs to start living free from the bullshit that keeps us all working way to hard to be happy. If you are ready to love yourself unconditionally and create a life that actually feels great to be, this is the course is for you.

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