The Higher Life Academy is an evolving online education portal offering teachings, specialised courses and personal mentoring to create a life that nourishes your soul, nurtures your creative potential and fulfils your purpose.


Unlike standard education models, learning at the Higher Life Academy occurs experientially. This means you ‘learn as you do’ just as children learn to walk for the first time. You sense what’s possible, you focus on it, you try it out, you fall and you keep working at it until one day you are walking and eventually running.

The learnings goals of the Higher Life Academy are achieved through a guided journey into your inner world to identify and map out your Soul Purpose. This journey leads you through a three step process, however each step is an adventure in itself. This is why we create courses and master classes to support you in each phase of your transformation.

Humans learn best through exploration, experimentation and reflection rather than following the expertise of others. While the wisdom of experts are powerful aides, they cannot be your sole compass. You are the true expert in your life, so only you can discover what is the right path. You do this by living and learning through the experience of it.



Discover your Authentic Self


Heal your Family Legacy


Manifest Your Soul Purpose.


Increasing confusion, conflict and anxiety about our individual wellbeing, declining community spirit and ongoing neglect of the natural world is ‘waking us up’ to the need for a more empowered way of life and is the signal your Soul has been waiting for.

Your Soul is ready to…

Fulfil your potential and help others do the same.
End suffering by facilitating healing and recovery.
Create new realities and shape the future.

There is no standard education that prepares you for this type of calling. It is an emerging field that draws on centuries of exploration into the human psyche and our universe.

You can serve the world and your own desires without limitations by opening up to your personal power as the guiding authority of your life and trusting in a higher power.

This is called the Spiritually Driven Life. A life guided by your higher self who leads you to fulfil your creative potential and in doing so effect positive change in the world.

We are an evolving education portal and this is just the beginning of the adventure. I’d love you to join me on the journey and together we can create a world that works for us all.

Ischa Ropert


Hi, my name is Ischa Ropert, Founder and your Guide at the Higher Life Academy.

I created this Academy after a decade working as a transformational life coach and witnessing how confused my clients were about the meaning and purpose of life.

My own life has been full of the same confusion, conflict and uncertainty, so I knew their dilemma in a deeply personal way and that there were answers.

But not in the places they were used to looking.

So many of us want to live a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life that is creative, enhances the lives of others and makes a positive contribution to the planet.

Yet we are educated to chase a very different kind of life, one based on continually progressing our self, on the accumulation of wealth and having power over others.

We work hard to get, have and achieve more of stuff we don’t really need or want from a misguided belief that this version of success makes for a good life.

On this path we look outside our self for acceptance, guidance and recognition and follow blindly what others tells us is important, with little or nor regard of our uniqueness.

Many of us are still or have experienced the disillusionment, isolation, addictions and ill health that arises from living in such a deprived, disconnected and unfulfilling way.

This blindness is due to a lack of awareness about what it is to be a human being, what conditions allow us to thrive and the power we have to create our reality.

Also due to power abuse across many religions, many of us have stopped tending to our soul self and are suffering the devastating effects of spiritual malnourishment.

For years I yearned for more intimacy, connection and purpose yet acted in ways that sabotaged my happiness, health and potential – because I didn’t know any better.

Now I live with purpose, committed to my own recovery with full responsibility for my beliefs and behaviours and I feel nourished, nurtured and inspired most days.

And this is what I want for you. To feel worthy, loved and empowered and to live with the clarity and confidence to fully trust in your own gifts and unique life path.

The Higher Life Academy is my contribution to your liberation.

A way to provide this missing new education, roadmap tool kit so you too can lead an empowered and abundant life and play your part in creating a world that works.